Monday, January 20, 2014

Ninety Seconds

I'm sure I am not unique in saying that I have a to-do list that never ends.  Lately, whenever I open it up there's one item that is always staring back at me: "Order Blinds." I added this one many months ago after a cord broke, rendering one window perpetually covered.

It doesn't take long to order blinds. I've actually already measured the window frame, ordered and received color samples (twice), and decided on a color. I've received about five different coupon codes since I ordered the first set of samples and watched each of them expire. I had a few days off around New Years, and thought, I should order those blinds while I have time off before I go back to work. It's January 20th and I have yet to receive the blinds--because I still haven't ordered them. It would literally take me about ninety seconds to find my measurements, fill out the online form and click submit, but somehow I have not found the time to do it.

I'm not lazy, and I'm not procrastinating. I am simply always choosing to prioritize other things above the ordering of blinds. For instance, I've been kicking some serious ass in Star Wars Angry Birds over the past few weeks (thanking my 4-year old nephew for introducing me to that!). Wasting time? Perhaps, but given the number of hours every day I spend working, training, preparing food, cleaning up, taking care of the dog, doing laundry, running errands, and answering emails, I don't necessarily consider a half hour of video game-playing while I ice my knee to be a waste of time, and I'd even argue that it's without question a higher priority than ordering blinds.

I sometimes think about how difficult life can feel in terms of finding a good balance between the various things that take up your time and energy. You need to balance your time between your friends, loved ones, co-workers, pets, community, and yourself. Your mind needs a balance of stimulation and rest. Your body needs a balance of activity and recovery. You need to make time to do your chores, and also pursue your interests and passions. More often than not I find myself too far on one side of things. I'm either overwhelmed by social activities or feeling like I'm not being a good enough friend. I'm more often than not over-stimulated than bored. I push my late-thirties body as hard as I did in my late twenties (probably harder, or at least in a healthier way).

The first few weeks of January are always an opportunity for people to revisit their priorities and consider how to pursue their goals. I, for one, have once again come to the conclusion that this year, I need to strive for balance. I did a pretty good job this weekend-- splitting time between friends, my wife, and myself, doing chores and racking up tons of Angry Birds points, training and resting my body. Here's hoping I can keep it up, and that you, my loyal readers, are able to do the same in whatever your resolutions might be.

These first few weeks of the year are also a great time to strike some things off your to-do lists, especially for those of us in New England dealing with weekends of bad weather. So if you're taking the time to read this and have had "Donate to Jeff's DFMC campaign" on your to-do list for awhile, please take the next ninety seconds to make your contribution, as I just did for several of my friends also running for various charities in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go order those blinds...

Thanks, and stay tuned for some Valentine's Day dessert offerings.