Monday, February 3, 2014

Eat Chocolate

When I was originally considering joining the DFMC team for last year's Boston Marathon, Kristen and I quickly realized that we could probably raise a fair amount of money by preparing and selling baked goods and other dessert items. Given Kristen's passion for this sort of thing, not to mention her talent, it has come as no surprise that many people just naturally assume that I'm spending my time writing all of these scintillating blog posts and occasionally harassing people for money via email and Facebook, while she slaves away in the kitchen.

In actuality, I've spent at least as much time working on the dessert packages as Kristen has over these past two fundraising seasons. And while I'm the primary author of this blog, Kristen's most certainly provided input on each and every post. We chose to work on all of this, together, and as such, she deserves as much credit as I do for the $14,000 raised for DFMC thus far. Maybe one of these days I'll convince her to train for the Marathon, too, and we'll run down Boylston towards the finish line together.

In the meantime, we've still got a lot of money to raise to reach the $10,000 goal set for the 2014 season. While many people love cookies, cakes and such, we're all about chocolate (and ice cream, but we don't eat that every day). So this Valentine's Day, we're happy to make chocolates for you to share with your loved ones.

Suggested donation: $50.

Assorted Chocolates
A collection of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Pick-up dates: Thursday, February 13th or Friday, February 14th
Order deadline: Saturday, February 8th
To place an order: Send an email to with details about what you'd like to purchase and when you'll need it. Payment can be made upon pick-up, with a check made out to Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. Alternatively, you can submit your donation online:

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